Dear MCN Customers,

Due to CMC Law, we have to offer 1800 toll free number to our customer in order to continue our IDD service. Due to the cost of 1800 toll free is too high, we have to stop our service. TM forces us to shut down our 03-78826900 line by 7 Aug 12.

For those customers whose accounts still have balance, please use following numbers to make use of your cards. These numbers are for temporary only, please try to use up all your balance as soon as possible (before 31 Dec 2012).

Gateway number: 03-7842 8178, 03-7831 1998

Thanks you for your support all these years!

If you still have other question, please call our office number at 03-6156 6821.

MCN Enterprise Sdn Bhd

8 August 2012